Reuters on NanoLogix: U.S. company says rapid diagnosis technology could save lives

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NanoLogix has been featured by Reuters Television’s global business coverage. NanoLogix is an innovator in the accelerated detection and identification of live-cell microorganisms.

Produced by Rob Muir, the report from Reuters features an interview with NanoLogix CEO Bret Barnhizer while the company was exhibiting at the American Society for

Microbiology BioDefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting and Exhibition held in Washington, DC February 7-9, 2011. The report includes an additional interview with Dr. Jonathan Faro of the University of Texas Health Science Center- Houston. Dr. Faro is currently leading a 300 patient trial utilizing NanoLogix BNP/BNF/Quick-Test technologies for rapid detection of Group B Streptococcus (GBS).

Full link to the Thompson Reuters Television.

Group B Strep is one of the leading health threats for newborns. Current methods for detection and identification take 48 to 72+ hours for results. The new technology from NanoLogix enables detection, identification, and determination of antibiotic sensitivity in 6 hours or less.

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