At Technica, we bring you access to the minds of the world. Whether you are seeking stronger sales generation, new customers, new investors or new partners, we tell your story in ways that are simple to understand and too compelling to ignore.  Through integrated public relations, marketing, social media and web design and content development, Technica builds and maintains credibility for your company.  We stay on top of your company’s newest developments to keep messages fresh and aligned with your fluid business goals.  Your success is our success.

Public Relations

From public relations messaging that targets your markets and press releases that go viral, to speaking engagements  and awards at top conferences, Technica uses a background in science journalism to bring you the visibility you need to grow.



Your strategy for delivering the right messages and content to the right audiences is key to developing an effective brand that builds revenue. Technica helps you develop strategies that attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into loyal fans that spread your messages through their networks.


A positive web experience is vital to sales, no matter what your visitor conversion goals may be.  Technica web development creates memorable experiences for your web visitors to take your web conversations from visibility to credibility and into profitability.


Social Media Management

To be effective in the marketplace today, companies have to know where their customers are and what they are talking about.  Technica helps you listen, understand and engage in social media conversations that increase visibility, credibility and profitability.

Video Production

Videos are Technica’s signature content marketing pieces. With nearly 20 years of experience, in film, television, news and commercial video production, Technica Communications Founder and President Lisa Ann Pinkerton brings a wealth of production knowledge, and expertise to your videos.