Christian ZdebelSenior Consultant and Account Manager

As a key player in high-tech product launches for companies like Dell, Inc. and Agere Systems Inc., as well as Advanced Micro Devices Inc.’s revolutionary AMD64 computing platform, Christian Zdebel is a true veteran when it comes to high-tech and enterprise-targeted product and corporate positioning and messaging strategy. Christian brings over 18 years of experience crafting digital communications strategies and campaigns for Fortune 500 brands and can say he produced the world’s first PC overclocking video to reach over 1 million views on YouTube. He also planned and executed one of the first ‘disruptive marketing’ campaigns for IBM. He is a committed marketer who is truly passionate about technology. His enthusiasm and curiosity for how things work, what makes them go, who thought of it and how they’re built is what drives Christian; the magic for him is in the iterative and creative process.

Christian grew up looking at the world through two different cultural lenses, which taught him to step back from situations or challenges he faces and take a broader view. His mind is always looking for connections, and so he becomes intrigued when seemingly disparate phenomena can be linked by an obscure connection; to him, this is the crux of good storytelling. And there’s nothing quite as engaging as a good story. One mantra to which he attributes his success: write it down. An idea has no chance of being realized until you commit it to the physical world. Christian holds a Global MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.