Christian ZdebelSenior Consultant and Account Supervisor

Christian has been swimming in the technical deep ends of the renewable energy, utility, transportation, and high-tech industries for more than 20 years. From product launches for Dell, managing cellular protocol stacks at Agere Systems, and developing new industry taxonomy for Advanced Micro Devices’ revolutionary AMD64 computing platform, Christian feels right at home in high-tech and enterprise positioning and messaging. His messaging work spans from the Fortune 500 digital domain to dark Las Vegas parking lots at CES, producing the world’s first 1-million view PC overclocking YouTube video, to creating the first disruptive marketing campaign in IBM history. Christian liberally shares the enthusiasm he brings to client work, is perpetually curious about how things work, and takes inspiration from the creativity that technologists and inventors bring into the world. Christian holds an undergrad degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, which is now also ASU. (It’s a long story; we’ll make yours better)