New Customers Acquired With Strategic Media Outreach

The Results

From January to April 2014,THiNKnrg and the OFJCC received two TV reports and over 47 articles for the solar installation. This coverage resulted in over 10 incoming phone calls toTHiNKnrg within the first week of press release publication. Additionally, the company received over 20 emails and LinkedIn messages from potential customers and partners. The biggest win was a last minute invitation by Greentech Media forTHiNKnrg CEO Zach Rubin to speak at their April Solar Summit, after the their Editor-in-Chief attended the ribbon cutting.

Secured compelling, high-quality video coverage on KGO ABC 7, JNI

Scored 147 Articles

Over 10 phone calls to THINKnrg within the first week of media coverage

Over 20 emails and LinkedIn interactions with THINKnrg for new business

Special invitation for THINKnrg CEO to speak on Managing Soft Costs panel at Greentech Media Solar Summit.

Over 75 attendees to ribbon cutting including Greentech Media Editor-in-Chief Eric Wesoff

  • A strong marketing presence brings in deal flow. Technica is now integral to the success of our brand recognition and credibility with new customers and partners. I find great value in Lisa Ann's strategy and media expertise, as well as her team's connections and dedication to get the job done.

    Zach Rubin
    Zach Rubin CEO THiNKnrg

The Company

Founded in 2010, THiNKnrg brings affordable turnkey solar and high efficiency lighting solutions to organizations and facility managers across North and Central America. As a relatively unknown solar industry player,THiNKnrg wanted to gain more brand recognition for its successful projects to increased deal flow and new customer acquisition.

Without a specific technology to champion,THiNKnrg needed to gain industry awareness and credibility in the crowded solar industry, with its latest solar installation in Palo Alto, California. Unfortunately, as solar energy generation has become more commonplace, new projects do not typically attract the attention of media. To gain the interest of reportersTHiNKnrg recognized they had to elevate the newsworthiness of their new solar installation and cater to the specific interests of each reporter and outlet individually.

The Strategy

THiNKnrg retainedTechnica Communications to generate the industry exposure the company needed to increase their customer base. Technica began by updating the look and feel of the company’s website and developing messaging and a marketing case study on the Oshman Family JCC (OFJCC) project.

Next,Technica advised media outreach for the solar installation be centered around a ribbon cutting event in Palo Alto, featuring a high profile politician and a roof top tour. Technica worked with the marketing departments of the OFJCC, Trina Solar and Conergy to organize an event that included opening remarks by the Mayor of Palo Alto Nancy Shepard.

On media outreach,Technica carried out a dual phased approach to generate the maximum amount of media exposure. Ultimately, two press releases were distributed in February, and a media advisory was circulated the day before the ribbon cutting. This strategy allowed sales teams within the participating organizations to speak publicly about the installation as soon as possible, while also building local awareness of the ribbon cutting event to increase attendance. A few weeks before the event, Technica reached out to local business and cleantech reporters with personal invitations that were tailored to their specific coverage interests and preferences.