Media Launch Increases Company Clients By 50%

The Results

Ultimately, this media launch for enACT Systems, in conjunction with an email marketing campaign resulted in growth of 50% growth of enACT’s user base. The media exposure the company received referred over 2,354 people to the website over the course of 30 days, with a 171% increase in new visitors.  Clear spikes of visitors can be correlated to the initial launch and the posting of a Cleantechnica article on July 9th during InterSolar NA.! enACT received strong coverage from its launch press release in its target market.  The top solar and cleantech online outlets, including Greentech Media, Cleantechnica, Solar Builder and more featured the new company.  This coverage resulted in over 357 social media interactions, including 179 tweets, 97 LinkedIn posts, 67 Facebook likes, and nine comments among others.

50% increase in user companies

7 original articles

357 social media interactions

170 website referrals from articles

2,354 website sessions

171% increase in new visitors

The Company

enACT is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup that enables increased customer engagement, channel engagement and workflow automation for  solar  energy  and  energy  efficiency  sales.   The  company’s  platform increases  deal  flow  and  reduces  transaction  costs  for  installation, financing  and  distribution  companies  by  leveraging  its  patent-pending approach  for  channel  convergence  and  data  analytics.The  startup hired Technica  to  launch  its  SaaS  platform  to  the  solar  and  cleantech industries.

The Strategy

The media launch for enACT Systems focused on gaining user traction for the new service, which was just launching from beta.  Technica edited and SEO optimized two press releases drafted by enACT to highlight the company’s achievements in various market sectors. Technica also conducted media outreach for a six week period to a wide number of outlets, primarily in solar, cleantech and high tech, as well as electrical contracting and the local Silicon Valley area. Additionally, Technica ghost wrote two articles for the company featuring its solution.


Clean Technica
Solar Novus Today