Fast Charged PR Roadmap to US President Joe Biden White House 


The Results

White House Briefing

60 earned articles for topic alone

9.6B total potential reach

Over $43 million Advertising Value Equivalent

Two Years of Achievements

4,076 total articles

13.3M potential reach

$78 million Advertising Value Equivalent


Founded in 2001, Tritium (NASDAQ: DCFC; DCFCW) designs and  manufactures proprietary hardware and software to create advanced and  reliable DC fast chargers for electric vehicles.  


For years, Australian-based Tritium was mainly a white-label DC fast-charging  hardware provider with very low band recognition and little public presence  outside its home country and Europe. When the company opened its first US based office in 2017 to expand American sales, general knowledge of Tritium  struggled to grow. The company secured Technica to change that.


Starting in 2020, Technica strategically laid the groundwork with targeted  messaging that matched media and customer interests and devised an outreach  strategy to raise the company’s profile among key audiences, especially investors.  In 2022, Tritium initiated a SPAC and started planning for a new US  manufacturing facility. Technica updated its strategy to support the company’s  focus on a regular cadence of news that spoke to what investors and corporate  partners looked for in the company and kept it top of mind. This blitz news  effort culminated in announcing the company’s plans for a new manufacturing  facility in Tennessee. There Technica aligned Tritium’s messaging with the  Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (“Bipartisan Infrastructure Law”) that will  provide $7.5 billion of investment for deploying a network of 500,000 EV  chargers along highway corridors in the United States.  


By aligning the company’s messaging with legislation important to the  Biden Administration, Technica captured the attention of the Biden  Administration. This resulted in a White House press briefing where  Tritium CEO Jane Hunter shared the stage with President Joe Biden. In  addition, the consistent public relations support Technica provided over  two years significantly bolstered its business efforts, including completing  a successful public offering on the NASDAQ. 

For Tritium’s US expansion, Technica secured nearly 60 earned article  placements, 17 coming from high-reach mainstream media,  including Bloomberg, Forbes, CNN, ABC, and Reuters. The expansion  announcement achieved a potential reach of 9.6 billion and over $43  million in advertising equivalency value, largely thanks to the  announcement’s timing in conjunction with the White House visit. 

Building this US brand awareness for Tritium included the publication of  17 press releases. Those announcements garnered 4,076 article  placements, 13,352,561,295 in potential reach, and $78,067,967 in  Advertising Value Equivalent – meaning how much it would cost the  company in advertising to obtain the same level of media exposure. 

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