Julien AdlerChief Financial Officer

Whether he’s serving as an executive leadership coach, chief financial officer, or strategic advisor, Julien Adler is a growth champion to individuals and companies leveraging their influence to create a better world. Throughout his 40-year entrepreneurial career, Julien has navigated the calm seas and intense storms that business growth brings. He lends his wealth of experience to organizations like NASA and Stanford University, Fortune 500 firms such as Visa, Google, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, MetLife, and more, as well as a wide variety of other established businesses and startup entrepreneurs. 

As a CFO and strategic advisor, Julien sits on several corporate boards and manages millions in revenue. His expertise ranges from risk assessment, compliance, auditing, and corporate governance. He frequently manages accounting, budgeting, and management control, and facilitates vital communication between various stakeholders to ensure the goals of an organization align with the company’s financial roadmap. Regardless of the business activity or industry, it is not uncommon for Julien’s clients to double their income within six months of working with him. 

In addition to his financial work, Julien is also a thought leader and trainer who explores the modern convergence of business, psychology, neurology, and behavioral dynamics. Throughout his career, Julien has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives, has delivered over 100 workshops and speaking engagements related to leadership, sales, and communication, and has published more than 150 business leadership articles – the top one receiving over one million views.

Being from upstate New York, Julien is known as a highly-organized, autodidactic team member who practices strong work and business ethics. He currently resides in Silicon Valley, California. More about Julien can be found at JulienAdler.com