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The corporate reputations of global pharmaceutical companies is increasingly evaluated on the perceived health of their drug pipeline and the ability to swiftly and responsibly respond to consumer and product safety issues.  For smaller life science firms, reputation and visibility is critical especially when it comes to the faith management, the strength of the technology and sustainability of the business model.

Biotechnology is a rapidly growing sector of the economy and 40 percent of the U.S. biotechnology business takes place here in California, so it pays to have someone in the state in your corner. Whether you are in development, launching a new product or well into commercialization, Technica Communications turns thick science-speak into compelling news stories patients, doctors and investors can relate to and remember.

Domain Expertise:

For companies in molecular medicine, microbial genomics, energy and the environment, agriculture, aquaculture, bioprocessing, DNA forensics (identification), molecular medicine and nanotechnology.

For firms that develop, produce, and/or market medications

Medical devices and medial technology
For companies developing and/manufacturing the latest in medical technology for the diagnosis, therapy or surgery

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Purthread Technologies

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PurThread Wins American Technology Award 2013

PurThread Wins Spot as Top Fabric Innovator with FarbicLink Award

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