A Reporter On Your Side

At Technica we bring a journalistic prospective to your PR & marketing efforts. We know not only how newsrooms work and what it takes to gain visibility, but how to find your most memorable stories- the ones that turn the general public into new customers, new partners and new investors.

Well-known Public Radio Instructor and Mentor David Candow once reminded a young environmental reporter named Lisa Ann Pinkerton that not everyone can relate to a power plant, but we can all relate to a person who lives near or works in one. We can understand how the people feel, we can never understand how a power plant feels. It’s these connections to human experience that make the most memorable news stories, those ‘driveway moments’ when people will put their life on hold to hear or read the last bits of a news story that’s drawn them in.

No matter how dramatically the media landscape changes, the elements that make compelling news will always stay the same. Knowing how to provide that fodder to journalists up front directly influences the coverage your company gets.